IT Infrastructure Intern

IT Infrastructure Intern

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We are looking for a candidate with any level of system administration experience, who is keen on different Hardware and IT technologies.

Job Description

  • Provide technical support to customers during whole product life cycle: pre-production and post-launch support
  • Preparing and delivering technical and marketing presentations in remote (webinar) and face to face format
  • Replicate customers’ problems in lab environment and work to find solutions
  • Enable customers with technical design documentation, firmware, drivers, etc.
  • Visit customers across Europe and Russia
  • Provide trainings on specific platform features or technologies
  • Work with stakeholders (engineering and field sales teams) in USA, China and Europe


  • PC hardware familiarity (practical skills, theoretical base): motherboard components, CPU features, CPU architecture
  • Familiarity with desktop and server operating systems (Windows, Linux). Understanding of their structure, differences. Practical skills of installing and configuring them
  • Ability to build and debug typical PC and Server hardware, install operating systems including both Microsoft Windows and various distributions of Linux
  • Basic understanding of network technologies, protocols, topologies (TCP/IP stack, OSI model). Basic understanding of different physical connections (Wireless, FC, IB, Ethernet)
  • Practical skills of network configuration.
  • Well-developed logic and problem-solving skills;
  • Discipline, diligence and persistence required to follow-up on actions
  • Good verbal and written English

Additional skills required may include:

  • Ability to quickly learn about new products and technologies
  • Microsoft Windows / Linux Operating System administration
  • Existing experience in system/network administration and hardware assembling would be an added advantage
  • Ability to design hardware (schematics / layout / BOM list), at any level
  • Ability to do low level debug of BIOS / bootloaders and other firmware
  • Strong presentation skills

Английский — B2 — Средне-продвинутый






Дата публикации: 2 апреля 2021
г. Нижний Новгород

О компании

Российское подразделение компании Intel является крупнейшим за пределами США центром по разработке программного обеспечения. Офисы компании Intel открыты в Москве и Нижнем Новгороде.

Лаборатория Intel в Нижнем Новгороде сегодня является одним из крупнейших центров исследований и разработок ПО Intel в Европе. В лаборатории, выполняющей роль узлового центра исследований и разработок в России, также размещаются различные группы поддержки (например, административно-хозяйственная часть, финансовый отдел, отдел ИТ, отдел кадров).


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Компания: Intel

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